"Smith’s hot dogs are the best I have ever had - and don’t even get me started on the Cheddarbest! I bring a cooler full of Smith’s back to Ohio from Erie every time I am in for a visit!"
"We’ve been exclusively serving Smith’s Hot Dogs for 7 years. Our golfers really appreciate a high quality, great tasting hot dog at the turn. When they see we’re not just serving ’any old hot dog’ we’re serving Smith’s, they realize quality is what we are all about. It makes a statement . . . and they always leave smiling."
"I cook a Smith's hot dog and I'm young again and back with my parents on the beach on Lake Erie. Now I can still have a Smith's but it's with my children on the beach in Santa Monica, CA. Yea for cross country delivery!"
"It is great to be able to order Smith's hotdogs online! I ordered a case of natural casing hotdogs for my parents last years for Christmas. I paid through paypal and they arrived just like the web site said. My dad was so happy to get a box of hotdogs from Smiths! He missed the Smith's hotdogs he grew up with in Erie. They now live in Virginia Beach. I ordered another box for them this Christmas and it should arrive this Friday! Thanks! "
"Just wanted to let you know that the food arrived as you promised and it was fantastic! Everyone at the Steelers tailgate party raved about the Italian Sausage and Natural Casing Hot Dogs! Thanks again we look forward to our next outing with Smith's Products."
"When my parents fly out to California to see me, they always bring a 10 pound bag of Smith’s Natural Casing Wiener’s with them. We always say: ’Maine has lobsters; San Francisco has sourdough; Erie has Smith’s hot dogs’."
"When I visited my wife’s family for the first time her father told me two things; take care of his daughter, and this is how you cook a Smith’s hot-dog."

Brian Reed - Ohio

Travis Lindsay
Operations Manager, Birdsfoot Golf Club - Freeport, PA

Pat F. - Santa Monica, CA

Deanna M.

Kenny - Pittsburgh, PA

Katie Kloecker Apice - California

Matt Apice - California



The Smith Provision Company has a long standing reputation for manufacturing premium quality wieners, sausages, deli meats, bacon and award winning hams. As a fourth generation, family owned and operated business, we recognize that the products we produce are only as good as the quality of people who work for the Company!

For decades, Smith’s has prided itself on maintaining an atmosphere where employees feel like “part of the family”. We are proud to say that almost all of our employees make a career for themselves at Smith’s, and retire from the Company. We are proud of our almost non-existent turnover. We are proud that we have never had a layoff. We are proud to offer a wage and benefits package that we know our employees can raise a family on. We are proud to say that we promote from within. We are proud that we have a very attractive paid vacation and holiday program. We are proud that we offer (and contribute to) a shining example of a 401(k) plan so that our employees are prepared for, and can enjoy, their retirement.

If you think that you have something special to offer the Smith’s team, we want to hear from you. You don’t need to know how to “make a hot dog” to become a part of our team. We are looking for exceptional individuals who are not afraid of hard work and commitment, who have an unfailingly positive attitude, and who above all are ready and willing to learn.

Please draft us a letter and tell us why you think you might be the kind of person that Smith’s can’t live without! We look forward to hearing from you. Correspondence should be e-mailed to sara.kallner@smithhotdogs.com